Bringing communities together through prayer.
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What is 307 Prayer?

Focused prayer” in every community.  An assignment David Limmer sensed from God that has resulted in churches and pastors in towns across Wyoming praying together in agreement to see God’s will (Matt 18:19) and the blessing of God (Ps 133) come to every town.





Why Partner With 307Prayer?

What Is A 307Prayer?
307Prayer is an opportunity for Bible believing churches to gather 2-4 times per year and pray together for their town and Wyoming. The power of agreeing prayer is exponential. (Matt. 18:19; Ps 133). Prayer is a safe and wonderful way to see the Body of Christ unify.
How Do I Know if 307Prayer is Right For Our Church and Our Community?

We believe that prayer of agreement and focus will draw God’s heart toward your community and will bring great benefit to every Bible believing church.

God has commanded to bless where there is a unity of purpose and focus. It is our desire for 307Prayer to be a catalyst to help bring that unity to every town in Wyoming.

Our Church already has prayer meetings.

Our goal is not to add anything more on any Pastor or Church. We thank God for the prayer that is happening in Churches around the State. That is why we have endeavored to have a simple outline following the “Lord’s Prayer” so that neither Pastors or people will need to prepare something more. There is something very powerful (wonderful) about bringing Believers together all across a town.

how do i get other pastors onboard?
If you are willing to set up a breakfast, lunch or coffee with one or more Pastors and leaders, Pastor Dave will come to your town and share the vision.  We’ll share ideas on how to set up a Community Prayer time.
307Prayer will host this meeting so there is never a burden on the local church.
How Many Churches Needed To Get Started?

Several small towns have started with one church.

If there would be two or more Pastors willing to meet and talk about a Community Prayer time, that would be even better. Some towns have grown from one church to 7-12 churches involved. Jesus said “if two or three agree on earth . . . Father God will answer”.

About Dave Limmer

307Prayer Catalyst

Dave and Beth Limmer have been Pastors since 1976.  They have a great love for people and God has placed in him a heart for the communities and churches of Wyoming.

In 2019 Dave began traveling around the state from town to town encouraging, strengthening, and supporting pastors and their families.  In 2018 he sensed God speaking to him concerning an assignment to begin “focused prayer” in every town in the State of Wyoming.

That was the birth of 307Prayer.

Churches & People We’ve Worked With

Ordinary Faith
Grace Fellowship

This was the most powerful time of prayer I’ve ever been a part of. Exciting and invigorating! Thank you for sharing this prayer model! Powder River

This was the most powerful time of prayer I’ve ever been a part of. Exciting and invigorating! Thank you for sharing this prayer model. Powder River,


Powder River

We are seeing amazing results of our prayer nights as it pertains to the sex trafficking problem in and around Billings.



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