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If you ask Dave about prayer this is what you will hear, “I don’t know of anything more supernatural than the power of the prayer of agreement.”

David Limmer

Dave Limmer – My Story

Dave Limmer was born in Buffalo, Wyoming and grew up on a ranch northwest of Buffalo. His great grandparents and grandparents homesteaded outside of Kaycee, Wyoming and his brother continues to ranch and Pastor a church in Powder River, Wyoming.
He was born again in 1971 at a youth camp in Red Lodge, MT. The fall of 1973 he attended Bartlesville Wesleyan College in Bartlesville, OK., graduating with a Bachelor of Arts and then married his wife, Beth in May, 1976.
They moved back to the ranch until December, 1976, when they moved to Gillette, WY to be youth pastors in a new church plant. They served there for four years and supplied a small church in Biddle, MT.
On January 1, 1980 Dave and Beth sensed God leading them to plant a church and in March , 1980 began making plans to move to Casper, WY.  Services began on November 2, 1980 of what is now Restoration Church.
They have three sons, Justin born in 1981, Aaron born in 1983 and Ryan in 1987 and now have three amazing daughter in laws.  They all love God and are growing in Christ.
Their oldest son, Justin and his wife, Heidi stepped up as the senior leaders of Restoration Church in Casper in 2013. At which time Dave and Beth began traveling among a number of churches to encourage, strengthen and support pastors and families. In 2016 Dave sensed that Jesus wanted to have something supernatural happening in every town in Wyoming. As Dave prayed over the next few months God began to reveal the need to find men and women of “peace “in every town. In 2017 God expanded the vision; it didn’t matter what the brand of a church was, God was leading Dave to serve Pastors and their  communities.
Pastors are the gatekeepers that open the gate for Jesus, the good Shepherd.  Having pastored for 40+ years, it has been Dave and Beth’s privilege to work with Pastors across the State these last few years, (in spite of COVID-19).
Finally in June, 2018 Dave sensed an assignment; to begin “nights of prayer” in every town in the State of Wyoming, which he began in 2019.  If you ask Dave about prayer this is what you will hear, “I don’t know of anything more supernatural than the power of the prayer of agreement.”
The “nights of prayer “ are a time to “Focus”on the community and the State in a prayer time that involves people from across the community, meeting together to pray 2-4 times a year, every year. This is not to take the place of any type of prayer that is already happening in any given town, only to come along side and encourage the people of each town.
There are 100 registered towns in Wyoming, plus several small towns that are not, so it will take a few years to see “307 Prayer” functioning in every town.
Dave sees himself only as a catalyst to come along side leaders and pastors in every town.

“David has been a huge inspiration to every pastor in our community.  We are praying together and seeing God move like we never have before!”

Rick Prince

In the last couple years I have come to know and love Dave and Beth Limmer. Their work in the 307Prayer effort has been amazing and powerful. Pastors in our community have started coming together and stand together for the well being of our city. It is a move through which God is doing some amazing things.

Rick Prince

Paul Gilbert

Dave and Beth Limmer have an amazing vision for Wyoming and beyond calling churches together in unity and prayer to seek the heart of the Father. Dave and Beth carry a contagious love and an amazing anointing in shepherding and care for pastors and wives. They are wise, safe, tender, powerful, encouraging and helpful having navigated effective pastoral ministry themselves.

Paul Gilbert

Michael Maynard

I cannot recommend Dave and Beth Limmer of 307 Prayer too highly.

Not long ago, Brother Dave led a prayer ministry training with our church, and we experienced months of blessing and growth as a result. 307Prayer has mightily influenced our community. Several of our local churches in two cities have joined for prayer and the results have been excellent. 

Michael Maynard


Dave and Beth have been mentors to Faith and I, and are outstanding examples of strong and compassionate leadership. They have been a sound voice of wisdom and counsel, and we are very grateful for their friendship 

Ron & Faith Kingston

Men Praying

Meet With Dave And Learn More.

You can schedule a call with Dave.  He loves talking about what God is doing in community prayer meetings all across the state of Wyoming.

In this initial call you will get your questions answered and know what the next step is in organizing a Community Prayer night in your town.  307Prayer will do most of the facilitating all you have to do is say yes and we’ll take it from there.

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