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What is 307Prayer?

Focused Prayer

307PRAYER is the opportunity for Bible believing churches, in any town, to gather together for a time of prayer for their town and the State.
Everyone attending has the privilege of praying with other followers of Jesus, in agreement together for a specific need or area of influence in their town. Pastors and leaders from the town will introduce the areas that will be prayed about and worship will be the transition from one area to the next.

Community Prayer Model

The Gospels record the disciples seeing Jesus praying numerous times. In Luke 11:1 “. . . when Jesus finished praying, one of the disciples said ‘Lord teach us to pray “. It would seem that what we call the Lord’s Prayer, is not one to just repeat or quote, rather it is at least five directives to pray into the will of God.
When we pray intentionally fro our towns, with focus toward the honor and worship of our Heavenly Father…
  • His Kingdom and will are brought about
  • His provision for your town’s economy
  • The powerful release and acceptance of forgiveness for specific areas
  • Believers would bring His light to shatter darkness and scatter the evil tempter’s influence
Our Heavenly Father will be among you and do His work through your agreement.

What 307Prayer Can Help You With



Focused Prayer is structured so churches come together in one accord praying specifically for the needs of their community.  Prayiong in small groups of 3 to 5 gives everyone the opportunity to pray what God lays on their heart.


Planning is where 307Prayer comes in.  We know you and your staff are busy and to put one more thing on your plate is not always realistic.  That is why 307Prayer has organized every aspect of a Community Prayer Night , so you don’t have to.

Why Focused Prayer

There is a supernatural and exponential response from heaven when believers in Jesus Christ, pray together in agreement.
  • James 5 says that “the effectual and fervent prayer of the righteous is powerful”
  • Acts 4 says that when they lifted their voices together in prayer, that the people shared God’s word with boldness
  • Matthew 18:19 says that when we pray in agreement, that our Father will do it
  • Psalms 133 says that there believers are in unity, there God commands blessing and life forever more.
men praying together

Partner with Other Pastors

Even though many Pastors are involved in their specific denominations, many still feel alone, as they serve Jesus in their town.
Our goal would be to help Pastors see themselves as being on the same team for Christ, but playing different positions. When there is reconciliation among the leaders in a town, every Bible believing church will increase. When Pastors can walk together and encourage one another in their church situations, the whole town benefits and the witness of Christ is lifted. It’s not about unanimity, it’s “guarding the unity that the Holy Spirit brings “.

Have an Active Vision, Strategy, & Roadmap to Focused Prayer

Vision; to have churches coming together to pray 2 – 4 times each year, in every town in Wyoming.
Strategy; to meet and encourage Pastors in each town to bring their respective churches together to pray, according to the Bible. We believe that Pastors are the watchman (doorkeeper) that open the gate of their town to the Good Shepherd, Jesus. (John 10;3). Having been a Pastor for over 45 years, David Limmer wants to honor and respect a Pastor’s responsibility for the church and town they serve.
Roadmap; God’s Word. We usually use the “Lord’s Prayer “ the first few prayer times, mainly because of Jesus’ instruction to “pray this way.” However there are many prayers in the Bible that can be used. A key is having everyone in a small group to pray and agree together. We encourage that there not be teaching, admonishing or praying by leaders from the front. Leaders will simply give introduce each area to pray about.
Prayer Guide for Community
Ladies praying

Focused Prayer With A Structure

Focused prayer is a structured prayer time that targets specific needs of the community.  We follow different prayer examples in the Word – Lord’s Prayer, Jabez Prayer, etc. as a structure that leads those participating applying what the town has need for.

If you would like to learn more about how 307Prayer can help you organize a Community Prayer night in your town click the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions


Several small town have started with one church. If there would be two or more Pastors willing to meet and talk about a Community Prayer time, that would be even better. Some towns have grown from one church to 7-12 churches involved. Jesus said “if two or three agree on earth . . . Father God will answer”.


Our goal is that Pastors and staff would not have to prepare anything. The main thing needed from participating Pastors would be to invite and promote the prayer time, and encourage their congregation to be involved. We prefer that Pastors in each town would set the dates for the prayer times, together. Some may be asked to introduce one of the areas of prayer during the prayer night, but it would involve no teaching, expounding or praying. Only a 2-3 minute intro of the next prayer topic.


We want to work with all willing churches that teach and believe the Bible and that the Lord Jesus Christ is God the Son.

We want to involve any Bible believing church or group, irregardless of denomination. We are not concerned about the sign outside the building, only they have a love of God; Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and His Word.

Jesus sent out the disciples, both the twelve and the seventy, and told them to go to the people of peace.
Those people are in every town in Wyoming. The more Pastors promote and invite, especially their intercessors, prayer teams, worship people and the congregation, the more likely it is to have a good gathering.
However, Jesus said that “where two would agree in Prayer our Father would do what is asked”.  So, we are not at all concerned about how many attend. We have been in very small towns with one small church and prayed with 10 people and seen God do amazing things.

Whatever day and time works for the town and the Churches involved.

For example; ranch communities may need to work around feeding, calving, shipping.

Recognize that you will not get everyone every time, so find a date and time that works for most involved. It is good to announce the next prayer time as you conclude the one you’re currently doing.

Dave and Beth have been mentors to Faith and me, and are outstanding examples of strong and compassionate leadership. They have been a sound voice of wisdom and counsel, and we are very grateful for their friendship.

Ron Kingston

Streams of Life, Cody, Wyoming

Dave and Beth Limmer have an amazing vision for Wyoming and beyond calling churches together in unity and prayer to seek the heart of the Father. Dave and Beth carry a contagious love and an amazing anointing in shepherding and care for pastors and wives. They are wise, safe, tender, powerful, encouraging and helpful having navigated effective pastoral ministry themselves.

Paul Gilbert

Grace Fellowship, Buffalo, Wyoming

In the last couple years I have come to know and love Dave and Beth Limmer. Their work in the 307Prayer effort has been amazing and powerful. Pastors in our community have started coming together and stand together for the well being of our city. It is a move through which God is doing some amazing things.

Rick Prince

Harvest Time Ministries, Rawlins, Wyoming

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